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PRP Hair Treatment for Hair loss
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Single Treatment:  $ 580


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At SkinVantage Medical Aesthetic Clinic in Toronto, we will help your body to facilitate natural hair growth once again with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) Therapy for hair loss.

If you struggle with hair loss or thinning hair and considering treatment options, PRP is a great option that will help your body reverse the processes that are causing these issues. Studies reveal that PRP Treatment will result in a 30% increase in hair density and growth. PRP works both in men and women, promoting hair growth.

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Every skin is different. During free consultations, we analyze your skin and come up with a customized treatment plan. Fill out the form to schedule a free consultation or give us a call at 416-474-7035.

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SkinVantage Cosmetic Clinic has been offering men and women in Toronto the power to choose whether to keep the look they have or get the skin they want at an unbeatable price.

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Platelet-Rich Plasma PRP Basics

PRP triggers hair regeneration and restores vibrancy and youthfulness to your complexion.

Synthetic innovation regarding hair loss treatment hasn’t produced promising results throughout the past few years. Understanding how the body’s natural processes work has given birth to groundbreaking treatments like Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP)
Platelets that are found in blood cells are capable of healing and restoration properties. Any time you are injured, these platelets trigger regeneration in the area helping your wounds to heal.

At SkinVantage Cosmetic Clinic, we capitalize on the healing power of platelets taking a tiny sample of your blood, then separate these platelets using a centrifuge. Injecting the platelet-rich plasma has transformative effects on your body.PRP is also used to treat joint injuries. Since PRP is obtained from the patient’s blood, it’s a remarkably safe treatment with minimal risks or side effects.

Medical researchers have developed this method by understanding the natural healing powers of the body. Platelets that are found in your blood are active components promoting the natural healing process. Platelets, when activated during the micro-needling, release growth factors that are responsible for healing. Your body has the tools to heal itself. What PRP does is only activates these healing properties and apply them to the most needed areas!

Our Work Process

SkinVantageTM takes you beyond the makeup counter to provide beauty solutions that include a range of minimally invasive treatments.

1. Free Consultation

Get a personalized beauty consultation with Nurse Practitioners and Medical Estheticians.

2. Get The Procedure

The procedure will be applied by our fully vetted, insured, and experienced team.

3. Post-Treatment

Detailed post-treatment instructions will be shared with you and a follow-up session will be scheduled on-demand.

Frequently Asked Questions

SkinVantage Cosmetic Clinic Toronto uses PRP to stimulate hair regeneration for their patients.
SkinVantage Toronto Hair-restoration experts will inject PRP at the targeted locations on your scalp. These injections will stimulate blood flow across your scalp and trigger your inactive hair follicles’ healing process.

Over time, this will allow your body’s natural hair growth process to start working again and will enable you to grow healthy, thick, and natural hair. PRP also covers frontal hair loss as it has been found effective through the whole scalp.

Multiple PRP treatments may be needed to achieve the best hair restoration results. PRP can also be used in addition to hair transplantation. At SkinVantage Cosmetic Clinic, we will discuss your hair treatment goals and take the best action to achieve optimal results.

The SkinVantage Cosmetic Clinic team will ensure the injection process will go as smoothly as possible. Our hair restoration professionals can use little tiny injections and a mesotherapy gun before treatment; these tools will take away the pain during treatment. 

After treatment, you will begin to notice the results; longer, healthier, and thicker hair. If you wish to learn more about PRP treatment for hair loss or book an appointment, please reach us at (416) 474-7035.

Your personal goals and your hair’s condition are the key factors determining the frequency of the session. A patient will typically receive three PRP treatment sessions. The sessions are spaced out between 4 to 6 weeks. Further assessment will determine whether you need more sessions or not.

Since PRP uses your blood for treatment, complications like allergic reactions are infrequent. It is vital to inform our clinic about your medical history and any medications you take before treatment to ensure the procedure’s safety.

This is one of the most commonly asked questions. Usually, it takes around six months to see the results fully. However, you will notice the improvements within several weeks. PRP’s effectiveness will depend on the session frequency, your hair condition, and some other secondary factors. It is essential to take care of your hair after your therapy to maintain the results.

PRP has been used for several years now to restore skin and tissue in patients. Recently, professionals started to use it for hair loss achieving magnificent results. Common side effects of PRP may include mild soreness at the injection sites. If you are using any blood-thinning medication, you are not eligible for PRP. Some patients can experience telogen effluvium in sporadic cases, which means hair thinning due to shock after PRP. However, this effect subsides after your first treatment. Your medical history is also an essential factor in whether

PRP is the right choice for you or not. Please consult with us if you have any questions regarding PRP Treatment; we can make a careful assessment figuring out whether it is the right treatment for you or not.

There is little to no downtime for PRP Treatment. However, it is still advised to avoid exercise, alcohol consumption, or smoking for at least three days after receiving the treatment. At Our Clinic, we will give you the detailed information necessary so the whole treatment process will go very smoothly.