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Dysport® Cosmetic Anti-Wrinkles Reduction

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+30 units / 8$
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Toronto’s top-rated cosmetic skincare experts at SkinVantage Medical  Cosmetic Clinic offer Dysport® Cosmetic injections for you to achieve a younger look.

No one can escape the fine lines and wrinkles that emerge as time passes. Dysport® is one of the most effective and safest cosmetic methods for reducing wrinkles. Cosmetic ranks Dysport® as the best treatment attending deep lines caused by facial muscle movement, dynamic wrinkles caused by constant muscular movement.

Want younger, glowing and more beautiful-looking skin almost instantly?

 Dysport® is a cutting-edge, Health Canada approved, cosmetic technology which has been used in over 24 countries for more than 16 years. A gentle, minimally-invasive procedure, Dysport® injections work to effectively rejuvenate your skin for a fresher, naturally youthful appearance.

Ideal for:

  • Eliminating forehead lines
  • Smoothing out crow’s feet
  • Minimizing frown lines between the eyebrows
  • Reducing wrinkles around the mouth
  • Improving nasal squint lines

At SkinVantage Medical Aesthetic Clinic, we strive to always bring our patients the safest, most advanced anti-aging therapies. Very similar to the workings of Botox®, Dysport® treatment is a soft and natural way to banish tell-tale signs of aging and help you feel more like yourself again.

We use Dysport® from Galderma, a minimally-invasive injection containing Botulinum Toxin Type A. Very similar to BOTOX® treatment, Dysport® is an effective non-surgical, anti-aging procedure and works by gently relaxing any muscles which cause unwanted facial wrinkles. During an in-depth consultation with one of our skin care experts, you will be able to discuss the aesthetic goals of your treatment beforehand so they can identify certain points of injection to give you the most successful results.


  • Dysport® has a quicker onset (2-5 days) than Botox (4-7 days)
  • Has longer lasting results (4 months vs 3 months for BOTOX®)
  • It has a softer and more natural feel
  • A non-invasive, quick procedure
  • No recovery times
  • Depending on the treatment area, Dysport® has the advantage of diffusing more
  • More cost-effective than Botox®


 Dysport® is an in-office procedure and is quick and painless, with treatment times typically lasting no longer than 15 minutes. However, these times may vary depending on the area being treated.

Number of treatments

 Because the effects of Dysport® are not permanent, successive treatments every 4 months are required to maintain the natural, youthful results. 


 While you may experience some slight irritation at the injection site or a mild headache, these side effects subside very quickly and most patients enjoy visible results in as little as 2-3 days after the treatment.

At SkinVantage, we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional care and customized treatment plans to ensure that all your aesthetic goals are achieved in a natural, long-lasting way.

To learn more about our cutting-edge, anti-aging therapies or to discover if Dysport is right for you, contact our office today at 416-474-7035 or book your consultation today!

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Dysport Basics

Dysport® leaves you with natural and smooth skin that has fewer lines and wrinkles.

Dysport cosmetic procedure is a natural, highly purified protein administered beneath your skin’s surface. As a neurotoxin, it works by preventing nerve signals causing your facial muscles to shrink. This process will diminish the fine lines and wrinkles on your skin caused by aging and muscular movement. Don’t let wrinkles hold you back. With a quick and easy appointment at SkinVantage Cosmetic Clinic leading clinic of botox injections in Toronto, you can say goodbye to those telltale signs of aging like:

Upper face:


Lower Face:

Our Work Process

SkinVantageTM takes you beyond the makeup counter to provide beauty solutions that include a range of minimally invasive treatments.


1. Free Consultation

Get a personalized beauty consultation with Nurse Practitioners and Medical Estheticians.

2. Get The Procedure

The procedure will be applied by our fully vetted, insured, and experienced team.

3. Post-Treatment

Detailed post-treatment instructions will be shared with you and a follow-up session will be scheduled on-demand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dysport session begins with a complete consultation and discussion about your aesthetic goals, informing you about what to expect, and ensuring that Dysport is the right choice for you.

Dysport Cosmetic takes around 10 to 15 minutes to complete; it is a quick and painless procedure. With the right execution, most patients will get the desired results within a single treatment session. The amount of botox applied also plays a key factor.

Dysport is delivered through tiny needles; any minor swelling or redness caused by this is usually very mild and short-lived.

Dysport session begins with a complete consultation and discussion about your aesthetic goals, informing you about what to expect, and ensuring that Dysport is the right choice for you.

Dysport Cosmetic takes around 10 to 15 minutes to complete; it is a quick and painless procedure. With the right execution, most patients will get the desired results within a single treatment session. The amount of botox applied also plays a key factor.

Dysport is delivered through tiny needles; any minor swelling or redness caused by this is usually very mild and short-lived.

Dysport  can be applied to many areas of the body, which mainly include horizontal forehead lines, frown lines, necklines, and lip wrinkles. Our facial gestures cause the formation of crow’s feet around our eyes. Dysport will aid in relaxing the muscles around your eyes, sharpening those edges so you can achieve a bright look. Dysport will also disappear the wrinkles and the tired look on the eyes.

As time passes, wrinkles start to form on your forehead, facial expressions, emotional reactions, and stress are some of the leading causes. These wrinkles are permanent but don’t worry; botox is just what you need to treat these wrinkles giving you a younger look.

Dysport can help you diminish smoker’s lines and give your lips a fuller appearance. If you desire more volume on your lips, Dysport is just what you are looking for. If your mouth has a slight downward curve, it will also provide you with a more relaxed and cheerful look.

Our eyebrows are in constant movement due to our facial expressions and emotions, and over time, these actions cause frown lines near our eyebrows. Dysport will help you get rid of these lines and reveal the beauty of your eyes.

SkinVantage Cosmetic Clinic offers only the best botox injectable treatments designed to treat dynamic wrinkles. Which are Health Canada approved. Specifically, we offer Botox®/Dysport® which smoothens out wrinkles caused by recurring facial movements. They’re ideal for treating:

– Vertical furrows between your eyebrows, Angry 11’s
– The horizontal lines across your forehead, Worry lines
– The small lines at the edges of your eyes, Crows Feet

Even though Dysport is a rapid procedure, seeing the actual results takes about five days up to a week. After this period, you will notice a slight reduction of wrinkles and facial lines; for Dysport to fully reveal its results, it will take around 2-3 weeks. If more application is needed, Dysport can be applied on the next visit. The results and duration may vary between individuals.

Dysportwill reduce your fine lines and wrinkles, giving your skin a smoother and glowing look. It will diminish the effects of years of accumulated stress on your skin. Many patients told us that they felt confident in their life with their new fresh look after receiving Dysport.

Dysport has also been proven to rejuvenate the skin, catalyzing the production of collagen and elastin in your skin. Dysport minimizes excessive movement. Dysport is used to block your nerve impulses, making it an efficient procedure for treating muscle spasms.

Dysport is a simple non-surgical procedure reducing your fine lines and wrinkles. Surgery can be a scary procedure, where botox is a simple and fast applied one.  Dysport has gained much popularity through the years as an application to reduce wrinkles, giving your lips a fuller look and overall creating an enhanced look to your skin. Dysport is also a way to help with the prostate gland. Frequent urination can be very taxing on the individual; Dysport may help relieve this symptom. When Dysport is applied to the prostate gland, it improves urine flow. Please consult with your doctor if you are considering this treatment. Dysport is also being used to reduce migraine pain by relaxing your muscles around your head, causing tension.

Hyperhidrosis, known as excessive sweating, is another ailment that can be alleviated by Dysport . Individuals with severe hyperhidrosis receiving Dysport treatment may see this problem disappearing for a couple of months while the botox is effective.

Please consult with our clinic if you are planning to use Dysport as a means to treat these cases. We will make sure it is the right treatment for you and can actually help you alleviate your symptoms. (416) 474-7035.

Botox is a quick and straightforward process, meaning that you can walk into our office in Toronto during your lunchbreak and go on your day right away! It is still advised to avoid strenuous activities and exercise post-treatment and keep an upright posture for at least five to six hours. Results will be noticeable after a period of 1 to 3 days. Full benefits might take up to two weeks since it takes time for your muscles and skin to adjust to the treatment.

While Dysport is a very safe treatment when administered by a professional, it has some risk, just like any treatment. Common side effects include pain during botox, swelling, bruising, injection site reactions, dropped eyelid, movement asymmetry, and heavy brow. Less common side effects include dizziness, rash, wheezing, faintness, and breathing issues. Some individuals also develop antibodies to botox; however, these cases are very rare. Our medical professionals will make a careful examination to ensure the safety of the procedure.

Dysport has been used for many years safely and effectively, and it is also FDA-approved. Like with every procedure, it is always best to take precautionary measures such as consulting a professional. Please consult with us before treatment if you have any concerns about Dysport treatment (416) 474-7035; if you have any health issues, please mention them to us.

Dysport  will treat various wrinkle types as botox is one of the leading treatments for diminishing them. The most common wrinkles where botox is applied are crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, wrinkles around the eye, and frown lines between your nose and eyebrows.

Wrinkles caused by the constant movement on our facial muscles are called dynamic wrinkles. Over the years, skin starts to form wrinkles due to this continuous movement. Dysport helps with these kinds of wrinkles, causing your skin to restore. There are also static wrinkles, as aging makes our skin more susceptible to wrinkles over time. Since static wrinkles are not caused by muscular movement, botox efficiency is reduced compared to dynamic wrinkles.