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Our exclusive services for Cosmetic Teeth Whitening are highly respected in the industry, and have received high praise across magazines, newspapers and celebrities; both nationally & internationally.

Novoskin team can whiten your smile from 8 to 14 shades lighter. By using only the latest technology and the finest materials, we create your perfect white smile with a procedure that is quick, effective and safe.

We pride ourselves on our expert knowledge and honesty with a passion for bringing fantastic results at an affordable price. Our friendly technicians treat every client as an individual and work closely to help you to achieve the results you are looking for. Here at NOVOSKIN, we like to take the time to customize each appointment to achieve the most desirable results as no two teeth are the same.

Do dental offices make you nervous? Don’t worry! NOVOSKIN makes you feel like your at home in a warm and relaxing environment. Professional Teeth Whitening can be performed for multiple reasons. Whether you have a functions coming up or you simply just want white teeth.


There are a ton of different professional teeth whitening products out there, but they all use the same basic ingredients; peroxides. Peroxides, such as hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide, contain very volatile oxygen molecules.

Professional teeth whitening machine will open the teeth pores, meanwhile these oxygen molecules touch surface stains on your teeth, they react by breaking apart the chemical bonds that hold the stains onto your enamel. This “bleaches” them away and restores the appearance of your smile.

Our professional teeth whitening product uses hydrogen peroxide in different concentrations as the active whitening ingredient. However, other ingredients are often used alongside peroxides, such as fluoride. Adding fluoride to a teeth whitener helps prevent the weakening of your teeth during the process, and also minimizes the risk of tooth sensitivity after teeth whitening. 

It is highly recommended to see a dentist prior your teeth whitening session no longer than a year before.


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