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Christina ProPeel Non-Chemical Peel Marine Based Treatment

$265 included Post-Care Treatment 

ProPeel is Christina’s latest scientifically developed & tested treatment aimed at improving skin quality.

ProPeel enables controlled peeling depth directed at triggering a chain reaction of cell turnover, while securing maximal anti-inflammatory protection and reduction of post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation.

ProPeel integrates natural active ingredients – silicates, corals rich in minerals, trace elements, and vitamins – with know-how for the correction and rehabilitation of damaged skin.

ProPeel activates and accelerates natural restorative responses within the dermis, stimulating collagen production , improving skin architecture, tone and texture and creating a rejuvenated, healthy looking, radiant appearance.

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Familiarize yourself with the works of our specialists.

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Familiarize yourself with the works of our specialists.

Non-Chemical Peel Basics

Skin Vantage Toronto proudly uses Christina’s ProPeel

  • ProPeel in-clinic treatment followed by a carefully designed post-peel home care regimen ensures minimal downtime without disrupting the patients’ daily routine.


    • Fine lines and wrinkles
    • Pigmentation
    • Sagging skin
    • Enlarged pores blemishes & post-acne
    • Textural skin changes
    • Stretch marks


    • Telangiectasias, active infections, rashes, open lesions, sunburns, herpes
    • Recent face-lift or eyelid lift
    • Roaccutane medication in the last six months
    • Any non-controlled systemic disease
    • Melasma

    Tri-Active Mechanism:

    ProPeel combines synergistically three mechanisms of action, each fulfilling a specific role in order to activate self-renewal processes, enhance the overall efficacy of the treatment, while helping skin regain softness, uniform texture, and suppleness.

Our Work Process

SkinVantageTM takes you beyond the makeup counter to provide beauty solutions that include a range of minimally invasive treatments.

1. Free Consultation

Get a personalized beauty consultation with Nurse Practitioners and Medical Estheticians.

2. Get The Procedure

The procedure will be applied by our fully vetted, insured, and experienced team.

3. Post-Treatment

Detailed post-treatment instructions will be shared with you and a follow-up session will be scheduled on-demand.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Fine lines and wrinkles,
  • Pigmentation,
  • Sagging skin,
  • Enlarged pores,
  • Blemishes & post-acne,
  • Textural skin changes

Depending on the depth of the chemical peeling recovery can take from a day to two weeks. During this period, you will experience skin shedding. On average, most skin takes 7 days to heal. During the restoration, the skin might be temporarily lighter or darker than its normal tone.

You might expect some redness, tightening, and swelling. Good care after the treatment is crucial.

In general, it is best to get a peel every four to six weeks in the active phase of the treatment. Once your skin has achieved the desired results, you might need a few peels yearly to maintain the result.

Do not try to perform chemical peeling at home without the supervision of a professional. Never buy uncertified products that might burn your skin, cause adverse effects.

However, some types of creams contain Rx strength acids that are valid for home use. These you can use at home for gentle peeling. We can assist you if you wish to use these mild products at home.

Skin peeling can be used for several types of scars, including acne scars. Certain chemical peels help with the recovery of scars speeding up the healing process. Depending on the type of the peel, your skin condition, and scar condition, it may take up to six weeks for you to see the results of skin peeling on your scars.

Chemical peel manufacturers have tested their products on various skin tones to assure the safety and success of chemical peeling. For darker skin tones,  it is necessary to make proper preparation before the treatment. Feel free to consult our clinic to learn about the preparation needed before showing up for treatment.

If you have any more questions regarding Chemical Peeling, Please call us at (416) 474-7035, we will be happy to assist you at Skin Vantage Clinic. You can get a booking at our Clinic Located in Downtown Toronto; our specialist will help you to get the best Chemical Peeling treatment.

  • Exfoliation can be tracked the past times of humanity; it has been used for ages! Chemical peeling is a method of exfoliation that helps the process of shedding old skin so that new skin can regenerate faster, giving you a fresh look. Chemical peels can reverse sun damage, help with acne, fine lines, skin tone problems, and melasma.

    It also slows down the aging process making your skin look younger. The results may vary depending on the peel applied and your skin condition. The results can persevere from months to years and can be maintained with regular sessions in the future.

Burning skin and skin discoloration is one of the risks involved. At our clinic, we will make sure to assess your skin condition and all other conditions to ensure you don’t experience any adverse effects of skin treatment.

Certain skin products should be discontinued before you show up for chemical peeling. These products include glycolic, retinoid, and salicylic acids or bleaching creams. Please consult with us if you have further questions about which products to discontinue before your treatment

Taking good care of your skin and covering it from sunlight is essential after treatment. You will experience some skin shedding. Skin shedding won’t cause any pain but make sure you don’t peel off your skin or rub it.  We will also provide extensive post-treatment information at our clinic to achieve the best results.

You can use a gentle cleanser, sunscreen, and moisturizer on your skin. Make sure you don’t expose yourself to the sun without sunscreen, also avoid prolonged exposure. You can resume your day to day activities but make sure you don’t heavily exercise as heavy sweating should be avoided after chemical peeling treatment.

Chemical peels may cause minor pains at the beginning, but it gets more comfortable with time. The pain varies on the depth of your chemical peeling. 

Lunchtime peels are very mild, therefore you might be able to start wearing makeup right away after leaving our office. That being said, the depth of the peel, your skin’s condition are all factors to consider. The recovery can take anywhere from 1 day up to 2 weeks.  You can usually wear makeup starting the next day of your treatment.

Chemical peels are made from a variety of acids. These acids are natural fruit acids; however, some peels are made from synthetic acids. Chemical peels do not cause cancer, in fact, it has protective properties against skin cancer, and it also restores damage caused by UV-light.

Chemical Peel removes the dead layer of your skin, on the upper part of your skin.  Deeper peels help to thicken the dermis (the second layer of the skin), resulting in rejuvenating your skin. It can also result in fewer wrinkles, fine lines, or laxity. So chemical peeling doesn’t thin your skin in any way.