Lip Filler

Lip Filler

Thinking about Lip Filler or Lip Enhancement Augmentation? You are not alone!

Lip injections have gained popularity as more people realize that they can plump up thin lips, create symmetry or change their lip proportions to create a youthful, rejuvenated appearance. The right amount of lip fillers can enhance your features, giving you a quintessential look.

How it’s Done?

Lip Augmentation involves using dermal filler, (facial injectable filler) to enhance the shape, texture, and surface of the lip in a way that is aesthetically appealing. Lip plumping done by lip injection can create a pout that is exotic, sensual, and naturally beautiful. Lip filler creates this result and combats the outward signs of aging by re-volumizing, smoothing out the edges around the lips and creating a youthful shape and appearance. I recognize that the lips are one of two main focal points of the face, the other being the eyes. A natural looking lip enhancement using a lip filler can create beautiful results. If you are looking for the best lip fillers in Toronto, we are the place for you!

How is Lip Augmentation Injection Administered?

Lip fillers are administered with a fine needle, into various parts of the lips to create a natural, beautifully fuller look.

When lip filler is done correctly, the results are gorgeous. The following outlines what you can expect when you come see us for your lip filler appointment. Patients will have their makeup removed from the mouth and surrounding area upon arrival for their appointment. A numbing cream will then be applied and allowed to sit for approximately 5-15 minutes depending on the sensitivity of the patient’s lips. I will have already chosen a consistency of lip filler that will accomplish the desired results, as expressed during the consultation.

The fillers chosen for lip enhancement tends to be on the softer side, in terms of consistency, as I want the lips to appear and feel supple, smooth and full. A small amount of lip filler is used to outline the border of the lips to give definition and shape. The product is then introduced into both the deep and superficial layers of the lip with great care. At this stage, the injector’s knowledge of how much and where to put the filler is crucial to achieving a beautiful, natural look. It is important to place the product in a manner that preserves and/or enhances the shape of the lips including the cupids bow. The key to amazing lip augmentation results by lip fillers is the maintenance of the precise proportions of the top and bottom lip in relation to the patient’s facial features and underlying facial structure.

How To Get the Lip Filler Results You Want

It is important for you to communicate to us what you are looking for when having a lip enhancement.


It is important for you to communicate to me what you are looking for when having a lip enhancement. Different ethnicities naturally will have different ratios of upper to lower lip size. Many doctors like their patients to bring in a picture of the lips that they want if the chosen picture is a fit for your natural face shape. If you are unsure, bring in a few pictures during the consultation and we can discuss what is possible. I have a number of techniques and formulations that I will use to create the results you desire using a hyaluronic acid (HA) lip filler.

When selecting a filler for my patient’s lips, I select only from the top products that are all Health Canada approved.

Lip fillers are made of hyaluronic acid and are extremely safe with a low risk of side effects. All lip fillers that I use already contain lidocaine which is a numbing agent that makes the procedure comfortable for the patient.

Potential Effects are associated with Lip Fillers Injections?

After lip enhancement, there is potential for some minor bruising that will resolve within 5-7 days. I recommend avoiding painkillers (Tylenol is fine) and other supplements that include fish oils, ginseng and Vitamin E about a week before your procedure as they may thin the blood and make you more prone to bleeding during the procedure.

Lip enhancement procedures are done using hyaluronic acid (HA) and are therefore reversible if you are not happy with the results. This can be achieved by injecting an enzyme called hyaluronidase into the lips after treatment will filler. A great initial consultation for lip fillers in Toronto, where your wants in terms of shape, size and proportions are discussed with your doctor, can typically ensure that this, “reversal” is not necessary. Still, we always have hyaluronidase on hand at our location.

Your Dermal Filler Results Are only as good as the Hands that Injected You!

Choosing the right injector is the most important part of getting the results you want. I am very committed to keeping abreast of the latest treatments and techniques. I have a keen artistic eye and will ensure that you get that natural, beautiful, WOW result that you’re looking for! If you are searching for the best dermal fillers in Toronto or the GTA, it will be my pleasure to meet with you and discuss how facial fillers can transform your look.


Hyaluronic lip enhancements typically last from 4-8 months depending on the product used and the patient’s individual metabolism. Metabolism of the hyaluronic acid is increased in the mouth area through increase blood circulation which results from eating, drinking and constantly speaking.


If you are looking for high class lip injections in Toronto, our price depends on the brand of filler used and the amount of facial filler injected. Most patients will do very well on one syringe of product, but we do have patients who will request more. During your consultation with me, we will decide together how much and what brand of filler will be used. The price will be set at that time so that there are no surprises post treatment.